Spinal Biomechanical
Studies of Human Movement
Study of; muscle, bone, joint, lever system
producing movement by leverage
the story of
Dr. Scherger :
Making history &
history in the making


Starting Biomechanical Course: This course is in 2 versions

Clinical Version: (powerpoint presentation)
Biomechanical Analysis of the Unique Upright Human S Shape Posture
Creation VS Evolution Exposed: (powerpoint presentation)
God Wants and Needs You to Understand the Unique Human S Shape Spinal Posture

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Patient Education
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Spinal Exercises
Neck Flexion
The Sit Up
The Pelvic Tilt
Orthopedic Exercises

Kids - Understand Why
Humans Can Sit Up

Youth Sports

About Us

Sampling of
you will learn

Exercises to build strong flexible
back and mechanical correct
back pain conditions like
pinched nerve, bulged
disc and stenosis.

Coaches* Chiropractic & Medical Professionals
* Athletic Trainers * Massage Therapists
* Students * Researchers
* We offer Continuing Education Courses.
* We specialize in study of spinal structure,
   function, training & treatment
* Physical medicine study of the muscle bone joint as a lever
system producing force for human movement by leverage

- View course information below to examine technology:

Course 121-
Intro Biomechanical Physics
of the Musculo-Skeletal Lever System

Understanding musculo-skeletal lever(s) & leverage
Part 1 
10 credits

Test 1

Course 122-
Intro Biomechanical Physics
of the Musculo-Skeletal Lever System

Human movement by musculo-skeletal lever(s) & leverage
  Part 2 
10 credits

Test 2

Course 221-
Advanced Biomechanical Physics
of Musculo-Skeletal Lever System

 Emphasis on youth sports & spinal development 
  Part 1
  10 credits

Test 3

Course 222-
Advanced Biomechanical Physics
of Musculo-Skeletal Lever System

Emphasis on spinal posture, health, training & treatment
 Part 2 
10 credits

Test 4

Course 151-
Western Civilization Physical vs.
Chemical Medicine Heritage

Physical vs.Chemical Medicine in Western civilization.
4 credits

Test 5

Course 152-
History of the Lever and Spinal Biomechanics:
Musculo-skeletal lever system producing movement by leverage
4 credits

Test 6

Course 153 -
Understanding unique leverage ability
of the human S-spine Posture

Mechanical rational for creating the Human S-Spinal Posture
4 credits

Test 7

Course 154-
Physics of the musculo-skeletal lever system
producing force for human movement

Mechanical rational how S-shaped
spinal posture creates athletic ability
4 credits

Test 8

Course 155-
Pelvic exercise for the restoration and
preservation of proper segmental posterior

Correcting anatomically the bulged disc,
spinal stenosis and pinched nerve

2 credits

Test 9

Course 156-
Understanding the effective lever
arm for human movement

Physics demonstration proving 3 classes
of lever systems functional erroneous

6 credits

Test 10


              Author Info Copyright 2003

Last Modified : 03/05/2013 All concepts and diagrams, unless noted otherwise, of human spinal development in gravitational environment are under copyright registration to John S. Scherger, D.C.. This information may be shared with others for personal use, however no document may be republished in any form or embedded in public databases without the permission of Dr. Scherger.


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